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Did you know that adults can have fun while exercising? How? Trampoline parks...

Adults can jump too!

A few years ago I read about the health benefits of "rebounding" (jumping on a mini-trampoline), so I got one for my house and started jumping a few times per week. I was able to watch TV while jumping (although I did have to turn up the volume pretty high so I could hear it over the squeaky springs), but it was FUN!

Another thing I learned is that not only is jumping on a trampoline a great exercise, but it's also really good for your lymphatic system - the up and down movement helps with lymph circulation (more about your lymphatic system here: Jumping on a trampoline is also very different from just jumping on the ground because you go from being weightless to having extra G-forces ( and is supposedly better for your joints than running. I added a few links (at the bottom of the blog page) which list the myriad of benefits.

Fast forward a couple of years-- my house is very very old, and I thought my house might fall apart because of my extreme jumping (my furniture, lamps, picture frames and more were rattling and I was afraid the walls would start cracking). I stopped jumping in my house and discovered a hidden secret in town... we have 2 huge trampoline parks that open in the mornings (Get Air opens at 9:00 AM and Flip Factory opens at 10:00 AM on weekdays). Do you know who goes to a trampoline park at 9:00 AM Monday through Friday? Pretty much no one, so you have the entire warehouse to yourself! You can be absolutely silly and jump your heart out and no one is there to laugh at you. I have tried going to the trampoline parks during the evenings and on weekends, but it's extremely crowded and not ideal for a workout, so I highly recommend a workout session in the mornings. A friend and I went to Get Air this morning and I was reminded how fun it is- we played trampoline basketball, did cartwheels, jumped into the foam pit, dance-jumped, and just jumped.

For more information about the health benefits of rebounding (I don't know why that word just doesn't sound right to me- I prefer "trampolining"- "rebounding" just sounds so formal, but it's the best word for looking up information) please visit the links below:

For my renters at Southern Comfort Rental Properties, the trampoline parks are a great rainy day or family activity (or, a workout for you). It's another great "thing to do in Gainesville."

Happy Jumping!

PS- I also have a sticker for trampolining for my workout journal, of course:-)!

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