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Fantastic Restaurants in Gainesville, FL: Mildred's Big City Food

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Mildred's Big City Food

Established in 1999, Mildred’s Big City Food serves high-quality food crafted from locally sourced ingredients. By day it is a casual bistro-style setting, in the evening Mildred’s offers some of the most sophisticated cuisines in the region with service to match. The menu changes nightly, with a meticulously crafted wine list and top shelf, craft spirits. When dining at the New Deal, you are welcome and encouraged to order from our Mildred’s menu.

From day one, the Gills and their staff have ensured that their restaurants not only offer delicious cuisine but also maintain a community first orientation. While they purchase products from local farmers and artisans they also contribute to Gainesville in a more subtle manner. In 2008, Bert won the Florida Volunteer Restaurateur Award for his work as a mentor with the Eastside High School Culinary Team. Additionally, under Tara & Bert’s careful guidance numerous Gainesville residents have had the opportunity to learn skills of the trade, which has allowed them to seek hospitality careers in competitive environments such as New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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Mildred's an excellent lunch and dinner spot! Happy eating!

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