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Want one of the best workouts ever? Well, I have a recommendation for you- Boxing at Beast Mode.

Drop in for a class at Beast Mode Boxing Gym-- wow!! It's intense, but one of the best workouts ever. Boxing training works out your entire body (and you do NOT get hit).

Why is boxing so good for you? Here are a few reasons why:

And boxing is not just great for your physical health, but also could also be beneficial for your brain:

Gainesville has many boxing gyms, but I can only vouch for the one that I use (I haven't tried others):

For my renters at Southern Comfort Rental Properties, the Beast Mode has classes in the afternoons every hour on the hour starting at 5:00- you can drop in and pay a 1x fee if you want to try it. Be sure to arrive about 5 minutes early to sign the initial paperwork. It's another great "thing to do in Gainesville."

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