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Who needs short-term

fully furnished housing?

  • Construction Companies - We can house foremen and subcontractors who are in town temporarily for a project. We have 1 and 2 bedroom options with kitchens, living, and dining space. Your sub-contractors will not be stuck in a tiny hotel room (and we generally are less expensive- more space for less money).

  • Gainesville Newcomers - Don't want to rush and settle on a house? We have the perfect temporary home-away-from-home for you.

  • Medical Housing - If you are receiving medical treatments or having a surgery, our rentals are a great place for you and/or your family to comfortably stay. We have housed hundreds of patients/ patient families who were in town for transplants, cancer treatments, orthopedic surgery, and much more.

  • Transitional Housing - We have helped many couples who are separating or need space for a while. All is confidential.

  • Renovation Housing - Renovating your house and don't want to live in a pile of dust? We can house you comfortably during your renovations.

  • Sunseekers (a.k.a. Snowbirds) - Looking to escape the north for a while? Come stay in our short-term rentals. As a University town, we have plenty going on to keep you happy (and warmer) throughout the winter.

  • Travel Nurses/ Travel Medical Professionals - We have helped hundreds of travel nurses over the years. Many of our rentals are walking-distance to Shands and a short distance to North Florida Regional Medical Center.

  • Traveling Professionals- If you're in town for a temporary project in Gainesville, choose comfort and convenience. We have kitchens, dining, and living areas. No need for take-out for every meal.

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