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Why "winter" in Gainesville, FL?

Why do so many people choose to spend their winters in Gainesville, FL (in the middle of the state) rather than on the coast (on a beach)? What do we have that coastal towns do not? Read on and I'll tell you.

Brrrrrrrrrr.... We want to go to Gainesville, FL!

Why Gainesville, FL?


We have top-notch museums which are open year-round. We have The Harn Museum of Art, The Florida Museum, The Cade Museum, The Matheson Museum, and more.

Performing Arts:

Nature (oh, do we have nature!):

(pssssst... this is where I get excited)

University of Florida:

Sports, sports and more sports... baseball, basket ball, gymnastics, tennis, and oh... there might also be football. And... Lake Alice, the bat house, tons of secret gardens on campus, the Baughman Center, Wilmot Gardens, and more.

We have nature, entertainment, intellectual pursuits, sports, and excellent restaurants!

And if you really need a beach fix, you can head west to Cedar Key (1 hour) or east for 1.5 hours (Cresent Beach or Jacksonville). Stay for a day or 2 and have a great time!

Check out for more information and also visit our blog for more things to do in town.

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